About Green Cart Catering

Marisa has spent all of her life in the food business. Her father owned an Italian restaurant in Bloomfield NJ, and Marisa worked there from age 13 up until her mid-20s. Working in the family restaurant taught her two things – how to efficiently run a food operation well, and that she loved working with food. She enjoyed the fast pace of food preparation, and the gratification of preparing food that people enjoyed.

As a young adult, Marisa became a teacher, but she could not entirely keep from being involved with the food industry. In her summer’s off from teaching, she ran a snack shop with her brother in Point Pleasant Beach. Later, as a mother, she continued her passion for cooking by making tasty treats for her children. This grew into a homemade candy business, Munching Moose, which she ran for many years.

Marisa was vegetarian for many years and that grew into becoming vegan which transitioned into her creating a vegan catering business. She discovered that her passion for making food could be carried over into preparing delicious vegan dishes. She found the joy of not only cooking for vegans, but also in creating food that could be enjoyed by non-vegans who might not otherwise think they would like it.

Marisa believes strongly that the experience her clients have working with her is just as important as the quality of the food she makes. Every client is an individual to her. She understands that if you are a vegan who is having an event which will include your non-vegan family and friends, you will want everything to be able to please everyone at your table. She takes the time to hear about your family’s food culture and customs, to best come up with a menu that will fit right in, while still being vegan.

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